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Specialist Treatments at Longwood House

We welcome your referrals:

Longwood House is a specialist-led dental services based in Essex, for children and adults.

  • Dr. Tasleem Ahmed will arrange a meeting to discuss our philosophy and approach.
  • Long history providing high-end specialist dental treatments for adults & children.
  • 100% satisfaction rate from patients and their referring dentists.
  • We are Platinum providers of orthodontic treatment; complex cases are welcome.
  • Referred patients receive detailed care.
  • Patients returned to your care when treatment ends

 Advances in dentistry have lead to increased specialization which is reflected in the postgraduate qualifications of our dentists. Our dentists also aim to support other practitioners in the region, and throughout the patients treatment will keep in touch with the referring dentist.

Special Consultations will be undertaken if you have a more specialized need. If you have been referred by your regular dentist for treatments that he/she wishes us to undertake then you will be transferred quickly for a consultation with the appropriate clinician. At this consultation we will provide you with all options and information, along with the prognoses and future implications of your treatment so that you can make an informed decision.

Specialised treatments at Longwood House include:

If you are a patient who has been referred to us you can learn more about the practice and the dentist who will be treating you (see the Dental Team Menu). 

Patients referred for treatment at Longwood House will only receive treatment prescribed by their dentist, it is important following completion of your specialized treatment that your continue regular examinations and maintenance procedures with you regular dentist.

If you are a dental surgeon wishing to refer patients to us then please click here for a printable referral form.

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