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 Case 1 

  • This patient suffers from severe periodontal disease and has grade  3 mobility of the upper R1 tooth. The upper R1 tooth has also drifted out of position.

  • Following a two session periodontal deep debridement with dental Laser usage, the tooth stabilised to grade 1.

  • She then had a root canal treatment followed by a porcelain crown. She chose not to have a full mouth smile makeover.
  • She has decided to have dental implants placed on the top right, to replace the missing teeth here.

 Case 2 

  • This young lady had periodontal gum recontouring and crown lengthening. On the same day as the surgery - Dr Ahmed infilled the exposed root surfaces with Tetric Evo ceram composite.

 Case 3 

  • This patient had aggressive localised periodontal disease.

  • She was at risk of losing both the UR1 and the UL1 as well as the LR1 incisors.

  • She had 2 sessions of deep Laser periodontal debridement with Dr Ioannis, which stabalised the progress of the gum disease and the teeth remained healthy.
  • The black triangle and midline Diastemma were closed by cosmetic work using composite bonding by Dr Ahmed.

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