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Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting

Where teeth have been missing, the jaw bone slowly resorbs away. This often leads to a condition in which there is poor quality and quantity of bone.

The placement of implants needs sufficient amount of bone to insure stability and long term success of your treatment.

A scan of your jaw can enable the clinician to see if an additional amount of bone is needed to complete your treatment.

Today it is possible to add bone where it is needed; in turn this will provide you with the opportunity to have implants placed and the ability to restore teeth for function and esthetics.

The bone can be obtained from inside your mouth in the area of your chin or wisdom tooth. In more extensive cases where a greater quantity of bone is needed, it is taken from the hip or the outer side of the tibia at the knee. Substitute bone can be used – such as Bio Oss. This is natural bone mineral of bovine origin. It allows bone regeneration in a safe and effective manor, and is currently being used in 40% of cases.


Common procedures used

Sinus lift procedure

Involves elevating the sinus membrane and placing bone into the sinus floor, thus increasing the volume of bone in the upper back part of your jaw.

Ridge augmentation procedure

The area where the ridge is too thin, a bone piece can be taken from elsewhere and positioned here with special titanium screws. This can increase the width and height of the jawbone in the area.

Mr Terrance Allen - Referred to have upper molar 16 replaced with a dental implant

  • The adjacent site shown in xray 1 has a severe lack of bone, which would compromise the success of the implant

Dr Ahmed undertook some localised bone grafting to improve the success of the case.

  • X ray 2 shows the implant in place with the adjacent area succesfully bone grafted.

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