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Migraines and Head-ache Relief

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Dr Ahmed has undertaken a specialized training programme with The British Society of Occlusal Studies and is qualified to treat patients suffering from the symptoms of headache and migraine.

Headache and dizziness may be caused by TMJ syndrome.

Migraines and Head-aches can be relieved by the treatment of TMJ Dysfunction. Dr Ahmed is able to diagnose if you have TMJ dysfunction which is causing your headache.

Teeth grinding as a habit can result in muscle spasm and inflammatory reactions, thus causing the headache and migraine. The pain can spread into the facial muscles and jaw joints, then radiate to the neck or shoulders.

The clenching habit may cause the teeth teeth to become sensitive, fractured or painful.

The Treatment

Dr. Ahmed will first need to thoroughly evaluate your TMJ and headache problems. The treatment consist of device therapy, a mouth guard is constructed to sit in your mouth, to be worn at night time only. This will prevent muscle spasms and day time headaches.

The most common mouth guard used is the Sci and the CRA.

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