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Nervous Children

We Care About Children

Dr Prableen Anand and Dr Anina Chapman both will work together to provide your child with the best care possible.nitrous oxide -laughing gas is a gentle way of relieving your childs anxiety.For more complex treatments it may be neccessary to use intravenous Sedation-IV.the advantage of this over a general Anaesthetic is that it is safer and your child is completely relaxed and able to remain concious through out the procedure.

Children need extra care and treatment so that their fear of dental treatment can be eliminated, and their treatment must be completed to a very high standard so that the treatment is not repeated.

Children should be constantly motivated in prevention regimes to avoid active treatments being necessary in the first place.

Our Specialist advices:

  • Brushing effectively with fluoride tooth paste twice a day.
  • Reducing the amount and frequency of sugar intake.
  • Avoid snacking with unhealthy food.
  • Visiting you dentist regularly from the age of two.

We are happy for you to call and discuss treatment for your child over the phone, and you can book a consultation with Dr Ahmed.She will provide your child with a free initial consultation.

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