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Children’s Dentistry

At Longwood House we have a children’s specialist dentist, and hope that you and your child benefit from this service. Please read through the script below prior to attending with your child.

Dr Prabhleen S Anand
BDS MmedSc, FDSRCS (Eng), MPaedDent, FDSC (Paed Dent)

Prabhleen is a specialist in Paediatric (Childrens) dentistry and surgical dentistry.

 “Why do we need Specialist dental care for our child?”

There are not many dentists specialising in children’s dentistry. Many specialists work in the hospital where your child may wait up to a month to be seen. Your child is being referred to a specialist in order to have treatment or advice regarding their dental development. Your dentist may not have all the resources required for specialist treatment. The Specialist at Longwood House is Dr Prabhleen Anand - She is also working as the Consultant Paediatric Dentist at The Eastman Dental Hospital in London. She has over 15 Years of experience in treating children. You will need to attend a first consultation with your child for a full assessment and treatment planning. For the first visit, please only attend with the child being seen- and both parents must attend at the consultations stage. The appointments are usually made for the weekend. The consultation Fee is taken at the time of booking, so please have your card at hand.

Children scared of the dentist’s chair will benefit seeing a specialist, as your child will be treated very gently and there will be lot’s of TLC.

Many parents believe that children’s first dentition is not important and a loss of a tooth is ‘OK.’ This is simply not true. Decay and poor dental development has a profound impact on the development of your Childs adult teeth.Extraction of teeth at a young age can create an imbalance, causing the adult set of teeth to come through in a ‘crooked’ manor. Your dentist may also refer your child to a specialist in order to avoid treatment under general anaesthetic (as this carries a great risk to your Childs general well being). The Specialist can occasionally “win” your child over, build up their confidence and alleviate their anxiety; thus on many occasions General Anaesthesia can be avoided. It is always worth exploring this route! For those children requiring difficult treatment or have a fear of dentistry, the specialist can use sedation- sometimes referred to as “twilight sleep “ or ““Happy Gas” .This is a safe, short acting and an efficient way to relieve anxiety in a child. The aim is to provide gentle and pain free treatment and build up a positive attitude towards dentistry.

Cost for treatment

The consultation will be for 45 to 60 min - cost £200. The basic charge for treatments is £100 per half hour, this includes basic fillings and oral health education for both the child and parent. Other special costs will be discussed at the consultation. Once treatment is completed you will be referred back to your practitioner for general after care. You may be asked to bring your child in once every 1 / 2 years for monitoring by the specialist.

Making an appointment

To avoid any delay, you may wish to contact us directly to arrange an appointment on 020 8551 0088. Your dentist must send a referral letter with any x rays beforehand or you can bring this with you for the first visit. Our friendly reception staff will then call you to arrange an appropriate consultation time. If the referral is of an urgent nature, we can arrange evening appointments – there will be a call out charge additional to the consultation/ treatment charge.

Children’s Dentistry, Ilford, Essex

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