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Changes to our practice plan


THOSE THAT HAVE MISSED THEIR MARCH/ APRIL/ MAY /JUNE 2020 exam and hygiene treatment can now call in and BOOK FOR JULY /AUGUST.
DUE TO THE COVID19 PANDEMIC - there is now additional practice costs and an extra 30 minutes allocated per patient per hygiene visit, ( for downtime and cleaning purposes).

On your current plan, these costs were unknown and not factored in.
For now - we will be honoring your current plan, offering you all the following. You may remain on your existing plan
1. there will be no extra PPE charge for your next check-up or hygiene treatments.
2. there will be no extra charge for the longer hygiene visits.

Then the gold plan and the family plans will be changed to the silver plan for adults and all children will be entered on to their own individual child's plan.

PLEASE READ THE ATTACHMENTS - THESE ARE NOTICES OF CHANGES TO ALL THE PLANS: Practice Plan will also send you letters soon to explain these changes to you all in more detail.


Please note that only one adult can now attend with one child patient. Families all needing dental visits – will now all be asked to attend together, to reduce the spread of the virus during the pandemic.

For Full Terms and Conditions please visit

If  your child needs a full dental hygiene procedure – they will need to book this in separate to the plan. All child plans will be converted – to the NEW child plan- 

All current plans will remain in place until Sept 1st – and we will apply the extra benefit of NO PPE charge until the 1st of September. If you/ your child were due a check-up/hygiene before Sept 1st,  on your existing plan,  then please now call to book in – our hygienist and dentists will be available to see you/ child from July onwards. 

for £5.33 Per Month  (your child) will receive two Check-ups with a complimentary Polish and Fluoride treatment per year, along with this they will benefit from a 5% discount on any additional treatments that may be required (your child ) will also receive full PPE within the cost of this plan, along with the worldwide accident and emergency cover. 

If you have can not be accommodated by us before or in September,  then we will be happy to refund you the cost of your adult  hygiene and examination (£80) or child's exam -  in September. 

There will now be NO FAMILY PLAN – ALL family plan members will be placed on the individual corresponding plan. 


How to join our practice plan

WE HAVE HUGE SAVINGS FOR OUR LOYAL MEMBERS... All our patients are offered this plan after their first course of treatment.

If you wish to join the practice for regular dental examination/hygiene appointments patients then the practice plan is the next step!


The plan is £9.58 for adults & £5.33 for children.
This includes one annual checkup and a hygiene visit, ( 2 for children)
5% off any further checkups/hygiene treatments,/ routine dental treatment, world dental accident, and emergency cover.


Simply read and complete the registration form and email it back to us!
*The joining fee is £20 per applicant
The plan comes into action after 3 months of joining

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Last updated: June 26, 2020, 6:47:00 PM

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